Non-negotiable policies are school-wide policies adopted by school administration to convey the school mandate to stakeholders. Our school’s guidelines outline student expectations. Any non-negotiable school policy violation results in a call to the recruitment agency and/or disciplinary action. Three offences require a meeting with the school administration.




  • Team members follow rules. Do not bring electronic devices including mobile phones, toys, food, beverages, and hooded tops to school. Cell phones will be temporarily confiscated per school regulations. Team up!
  • You must excel. Always follow the dress code. No ripped jeans or shirts. Belt pants. Lock your coats, jackets, scarves, caps, beads, bandanas, and du-rags until dismissal.
  • Respect others. Classrooms are no-eat zones. Legally leaving class requires a signed, dated pass from a teacher, dean, or administration. Physical and verbal aggression, including cyberbullying, is unacceptable.
  • Stay focused. Every day, perform great work. This contains a book bag, textbooks, agenda, pen, pencil, notebook, and homework/classwork.
  • Punctual pupils succeed. Students must be punctual and ready to learn. Ready to Learn means being in your designated seat on time, backpack off, notebook/pen out, and listening quietly to announcements.




  1. No booze, drugs, or profanity.
  2. Timekeeping
  3. When the bell rings, students will be on time, seated, and ready.
  4. No electronics, save medical. Loud electronic watches must be turned off.
  5. Before speaking, raise your hand.
  6. Participate in class discussions.
  7. Sharpen pencils during non-class time.
  8. Do your duties.
  9. Work together.
  10. Use the bathroom during none-class time or lunch. Unless it’s an emergency, don’t inquire.
  11. Don’t chat during class.
  12. No beverages in class.
  13. Respect the teacher and others.
  14. Don’t touch others’ stuff.
  15. Don’t distract other students.
  16. During breaks, wash your hands and practice good hygiene.
  17. Be seated by the bell every day. Those who aren’t seated when class begins are tardy. School regulation governs tardiness.
  18. No one may leave class without a staff pass.
  19. Check lockers and restrooms before class.
  20. Be kind! Don’t talk while a teacher or student presents.
  21. Respect others’ sentiments.
  22. Bed sharing is not allowed
  23. Private lamps and candles prohibited
  24. After lights out, there should be total silence
  25. Only with official principal authority shall a student leave or enter the school
  26. Visitors not allowed in dormitories
  27. Boy/girl relationships, homosexuality and lesbianism are strictly forbidden



  1. Don’t vandalize. No writing or carving on school property.
  2. Respect computers.
  3. Clean your desk.
  4. Come to class organized.
  5. Respect property. (School and personal property)



  1. Self-medication is not allowed. Report all your health issues to the school nurse for proper management
  2. No special meals are served to a student and all take school meals at the given time schedules

Never stop aspiring to be a person of high values, and you will never be let down.