The accounts of Ugandan migrant labourers, particularly in the Middle East, depict young men and women in despair. It is a narrative that is virtually entirely controlled by social media. Surprisingly many of the complaints are actually borderline-ignorable issues. This is because these young people have little or no preparation for life abroad.

We identified a need to prepare and orient prospective migratory workers for employment abroad. The ideal solution was to build a school. Fortunately, a comprehensive curriculum exists to orient these prospective employees.

This motivated us to seek for a license and help facilitate the safe migration of Ugandan migrant labourers. If one is orientated and well-prepared for employment abroad, the majority of difficulties can be effectively overcome.

Along the way, we learned that obtaining a training license was a lengthy, arduous, and twisting procedure. We required three years of constant effort. Today, we look back, take a deep breath, grin, and declare, “We did it!”